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About Me

Hello! I'm Neil Betrue.

Neil Betrue has been inspiring others to “raise the appraisal of yourself.” With a strong belief that every person has been created for a purpose, Neil helps you to discover that purpose for your life. For you to go where you have never gone and do what you have never done you must first become who you have never been. Neil will help you understand your identity so you will discover your purpose.

First a husband, father, and a grandfather, Neil also pastors Church for the Nations Surprise and is an entrepreneur as he helps overlook multiple businesses. He loves to help businesses scale through digital and social media marketing as well as bring your dreams to life with programming your next mobile app or software.

What I Do

I am passionate about what I do and I do it with all my heart!


Event speaker with an inspiring message that will bring change.

Life Coaching

Life & business coaching. Today is the least you will ever be.

Business Coaching

Success is not an accident. It is always on purpose.


Online marketing consultant with over 10 years’ experience.

Mobile App

Mobile App Developer. We can develop your idea and make it a reality.


Programmer for web software or mobile apps. Contact me about your next project.

I Am Available For Speaking & Freelancing.

Dream Big, Build Big

Raise the appraisal of yourself!

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